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Dangerous Goods Consultancy & Other Services

As Dangerous Goods specialists, we offer many other services related to Dangerous Goods. We list a number below but if there is something not listed, be sure to contact us and we will do our best to help!

General Dangerous Goods Services

With experts who have spent their careers working with Dangerous Goods in airlines, hauliers and shipping lines, we offer full support in accordance with IATA, ICAO, ADR, IMDG, SOLAS, MARPOL, RID, ADN and more.


We can offer the following services 24/7 across the UK and in selected European countries:

  • In-House Training

  • 24/7 Emergency Telephone Number

  • 24/7 Snag Resolution

  • Direct-drive delivery of Dangerous Goods (national and international)

  • Import of highly restricted and controlled goods

  • Representation on behalf of our client during roadside enforcement

  • One-off shipment logistics, packing or certification

  • Bill of Lading, Air waybills, CMRs & Consignment Notes

  • Container Packing Certificates

  • Competent Authority Approvals (HSE CAD) for imported explosives

  • On-board courier (hand-carry) deliveries

  • Aircraft & Ship Teardowns

  • 24/7 Inspections of Vehicles and Loads on behalf of UK Government

  • Recovery of Dangerous Goods waste from ex-industrial land

  • Stock package purchase inspections and auditing

Dangerous Goods Consultancy & Interim DGSA

If you're looking for a Dangerous Goods expert on an ad-hoc or interim basis, we can help. Dangerous Gooods consultants can be Dangerous Goods Trainers, Dangerous Goods Experts or DGSAs and they can be useful for:


Process and System Consultancy - want someone to take a look at your Dangerous Goods Process or Dangerous Goods Storage. To help you reduce snags & rejections, improve throughput or troubleshoot something, one of our team can help.

Interim DGSA - If you have a DGSA going on leave for any reason and want to a DGSA to fill-in temporarily, we can help. Long or short-term, short notice, ad-hoc? We can help.

Other Consultancy & Project Consultants - For any other help you might need, we will have someone in the team who is perfect. Ask us how we can help.


Dangerous Goods Wastes & Scrap

At DG Solutions, we are always looking for any area of Dangerous Goods that we can simplify and one of those areas is Wastes and Scrap Components.


In the UK and European Union, the regulations relating to waste can be complex and difficult to apply in the ‘real-world’. DG Solutions can make this process very simple. As a licensed waste carrier and a large network of specialist disposal routes, we have a solution for every type of waste you may produce.


We will supply a Waste Transfer Note upon collection, we will transfer to our processing facility and ensure your waste is responsibly, safely and properly disposed of.


We maintain detailed audit trails for all waste we handle so you can have peace of mind, that we can provide you any information that you require.


Scrap Components


In specialist industries such as Aviation, Military and Maritime, components and material can be difficult to dispose of due to additional regulatory requirements. We can help here too. DG Solutions have a full scrap and disposal for these components that meets the following requirements:


EASA AMC 145.A.42 (d)


FAA AC21-38


This process is also suitable for any parts under HMRC Customs Control.

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